– How to Activate a Card – After submitting an application for a credit or debit card with WALMART, you will eventually get the card in the mail after the application procedure for the card has been completed. However, you won’t be able to use the card just yet. - How to Activate a Card – How to Activate a Card

In order to make use of this card, you will first need to activate the card. You have successfully completed the card activation process, which consisted of a few stages. The step-by-step production process is broken down and discussed in further detail below.

You may activate your Walmart Credit Card over the phone by dialing the number that is located on the back of the card, or you can do it online. Due activating your card online needs you to first create an account, calling is generally the preferable.

Alternative if you’re in a rush because of this requirement. On the other hand, carrying out either of these activities does not require an excessive amount of effort or time.

Also, just so you are aware, you are not required to activate your card right away; but, if you wait too long, your account will be terminated between three and five months later. The Walmart® Store Card may be used in the same way, thanks to the same techniques. - How to Activate a Card

Walmart Credit Card through Phone Number

Following are the steps that need to be taken in order to activate your Walmart Credit Card through phone:

  • Dial the number shown on the back of your card for assistance from the customer support department.
  • Press “1” for general card questions.
  • After entering your card number, press the “#” button.
  • Provide the person with your full name, as well as your phone number and Social Security number.
  • After the Walmart employee has established that you are who you say you are, he or she will be able to activate your account, and you will be able to start making purchases with your card right away.

The Following is the Online Activation Procedure for your Walmart Credit Card

To access your account, please log in.

  • To activate your card, click the button labeled “Activate My Card.”
  • Please provide your personal information in the following fields.

If you haven’t previously done so, you need create an online account before activating your Walmart Credit Card, whether you choose to do it online or over the phone. It will make other aspects of responsible account management, such as paying bills, monitoring.

Recent transactions, and managing your account overall, much simpler. Also, keep in mind that if you do not activate your Walmart Credit Card within three to five months, the account will be terminated. If you still want another opportunity, you will have to submit a new application. - How to Activate a Card

Have you Forgotten Either your User ID or your Password for the Capital One Walmart Account?

In this scenario, if you have forgotten the credentials associated with your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card account, you may quickly recover them or change the password.

Password by Following the Steps – 

  • Go to the official Capital One website at
  • To access your account management settings, use the “Manage Account” option
  • To retrieve your lost username or password, visit the login page and choose the option labeled “Forgot Username or Password.”
  • Please provide the necessary information, which will most likely include your Social Security number, date of birth, and other similar details. - How to Activate a Card

How to Activate a Card FAQs

  • Where can I go to get the online customer assistance for my account?

Answer – You may log in to your account at at any time. You may also set up paperless statements and AutoPay there, along with being able to make payments, amend your payment account information, and personalize your reminders. You also have the option of downloading the Capital One® mobile app, which offers the same excellent services regardless of where you are.

  • What exactly is Walmart Pay, and how can I connect it with my Capital One® Walmart Rewards Card?

Answer – Please visit for more information on Walmart Pay as well as instructions on how to set up your card.

  • Where can I get the balance of my rewards account?

Answer – You may see and manage your rewards either online at or via the mobile app that is provided by Capital One.

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