E-HallPass Login – Check Out The New E-Hall Pass Login

E-HallPass Login – The purpose of E-hallpassClass is to serve as a simple digital hall pass for a single classroom. Without the need for paper hall passes, teachers may utilise EHP-C to monitor their students’ absences with ease.

E-HallPass Login

E-HallPass Login – Check Out The New E-Hall Pass Login

In contrast to the complete version of e-hallpass, EHP-C lacks many of the additional safety, security, accountability, and convenience features. See the whole product description here for details on e-hallpass’s many useful functions:

The only place to get EHP-C right now is via the Clever Library (a free software gateway Clever offers to member districts). EHP-C may be downloaded at no cost by any educator whose school uses Clever and whose district also subscribes to the Clever Library. If you need help installing E-hallpassClass, check out our dedicated installation guide.

FIRST & FOREMOST, Fill Out The “My Profile” Section.

Select “My Profile” from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

Verify the pre-filled Profile data, then enter a PIN in the corresponding file field. (A) In the screenshot below. Authorization passes need your PIN. Your PIN may be any length from 4 to 6 characters (letters, numerals, or a mix of the two). Keep in mind that the default keyboard on an iOS device only displays letters.

E-HallPass Login

Input of 1 PIN

Uploading a profile photo is completely voluntary and may be done under the “Profile Image” section (B in the aforementioned image). When you’re finished, use the “Save Profile” button at the page’s bottom to save your changes.

PHASE TWO:- Establish Spaces

Create “Rooms” that students may use as destinations to which they can write passes before leaving class. To begin, choose “Rooms” from the list of options on the sidebar. You may choose from many already-furnished rooms. Here is a list of those places.

Room Layout for Two

Each room’s name is provided, for starters.

You have the option of making comments either a. voluntary or b. required.

  1. A room’s status is either Active or Inactive. D. The blue Edit button allows you to make changes to any room.
  2. The red Delete button may be used to get rid of any space.

Instead of having students type in the name of the room, you can make it a shortcut on this screen by clicking on the star in front of the room.

  1. Use this button to add a room.

To add a room, choose it from the list, click the “Add Room” button in the upper right, and fill out the required fields with the appropriate information. Then, the green “Submit” button must be clicked.

E-HallPass Login

THIRD STEP: Recognising Recreational Preferences

Select “Pass Times” from the list on the left.

  1. The amount of time a pass has to wait after being made before it must be approved by a teacher. If the pass isn’t accepted within that time frame, it will expire and the student will have to apply for a new one.

If a student’s pass time exceeds ten minutes, a yellow warning icon will appear on the instructor dashboard. This is an indication that the student may be distracted.

  1. Pass Cancelled by System: If a student’s pass lasts longer than 30 minutes, a red warning indicator will appear on the teacher’s dashboard. This may be a sign that the student needs to be contacted again to provide an explanation.
  2. Extended Pass Time: this is adjustable for passes that will likely exceed the other criteria, such as the nurse’s 90-minute pass without becoming yellow or red.

The complete version of e-hallpass includes the ability to modify these timings.

FOURTH STEP: Utilising the Instructor Control Panel

The dashboard is the primary interface. This window will be where you spend the most of your time. You can learn a lot from it.

  1. Navigate to the “Dashboard” submenu on the left.
  2. This section displays active passes, including information on the student who has left class, the location they visited, and the time they left and returned.
  3. The status of your passes is described in further depth by their respective hues.
  4. The white one is a student-made pass that has to be approved.
  5. If a pass is green, it has been authorised by you and is presently in use.

A yellow pass has been expired for more than 10 minutes. A student’s attention has been drawn away from the current activity.

  1. Red – a pass that has been active for 30 minutes or more and will be automatically terminated.
  2. Grey — the passages have finished. To see them, choose the box on the top image that begins with the letter H.
  3. This indicates whether a Proxy Pass (PRX) or a Student Pass (STU) was generated. The full edition includes access to Appointment Pass.
  4. Displays the number of active passes you have relative to the overall number of passes you have had today.
  5. Displays the number of passes that have been marked for inspection (Red passes).

The complete edition of e-hallpass is the only place you’ll find G. Auto Pass.

  1. This link takes you to a list of your day’s expired passes.
  2. The current pass the student is out on will stop when you press the “end” button on your dashboard. It may also be stopped on the student’s device.

E-HallPass Login

Fifth Step: Studying the Pass’s Past

This function provides access to your system’s pass history for the last 30 days.

  1. Select Pass History from the sidebar.
  2. You have access to the past 30 days of data.
  3. You may refine your search by narrowing the time frame, the students you’re interested in, or the geographic area.
  4. After that, you may look at the outcomes in either the Pass view (similar to your Dashboard) or the CSV view.
  5. Illustrates the Tabular Display

PROCEDURE SIX:- Recognising Proxy Pass

You may write a pass for a student with the help of Proxy Pass.

  1. Select Proxy Pass from the list of options on the left. After that, the screen you see now will appear.
  2. Select the receiver you will be passing to.
  3. Determine the destination for the student. You may do this in two ways: either by using the buttons you’ve made for the rooms you frequent (found in the “Rooms” tab by clicking the “Star” icon next to the room’s name)
  4. Please provide a passing explanation.
  5. Select “Create Pass” from the menu that appears.

If you produce a pass as a teacher, it will seem identical to a student-generated pass on your dashboard, except that the “Type” will read PRX rather than STU.

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