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MyHealthOnline – A Walkthrough of How to Access My Health Online, Step by Step

Information Required for Registration at the Clinic To begin, you will be required to provide valid identification at the clinic, ideally a picture ID (such as a passport or driver’s license), as well as your email address.]

Even if you may have been a patient at this location for a good number of years, it is still extremely vital to verify that the individual who is requesting an account is in fact “who they say they are.”



We are committed to preserving the privacy of our patients, preserving the integrity of our system, and preventing any possible abuse of system access.

We place a high premium on safety, and this is one of the preventative measures that we have taken in response to concerns that have been raised.

MyHealthOnline Registration letter

The practice will create a registration letter that includes a Practise ID number, your Patient ID, and a registration token as soon as your identification has been validated.

This letter will also include an email address that has been entered into our system. To create an online account from the comfort of your own home, you will need all of these details.

Creating an account for yourself on the website

Visit the following website once you have access to the internet: Once there, pick the language that you would like to read the materials in. You are need to carefully follow the remaining instructions, which are as follows:

  • Navigate to “My Account” in the menu.

This should be the appearance of the screen. To access your account, choose the ‘My Account’ option (which is underlined).

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  • Click ‘Register’

On the page labelled “My Account,” there is a statement that says “No, I do not have an account for online services with my GP practice.” You may find this text at the bottom of the page. Simply choose the ‘Register’ option to continue.

Enter the information required for registration.

This is how the ‘My Account’ page will seem to the user.

Now, fill up the Practise ID, Username, and Password fields with the corresponding information precisely as it appears on your registration letter. It is imperative that the characters, including both capital and lowercase letters, be an identical match.

After that, you will be responsible for coming up with your own Username and Password. As long as you can keep track of it, the username may be anything.MyHealthOnline

The Step-by-step Guide v1 2013 Glan Rhyd Surgery Page 3 only requirement is that you remember it. The password has to be at least six characters long, include both upper and lower case letters, as well as numerals, and employ a mixture of all of these elements.

  • Giving your consent to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Statement

Before you can register, you are required to indicate that you have read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and that you are in agreement with them by checking the little box that says you have done so.

  • Click Register

Now, choose the ‘Register’ option to continue. Once you click this button, the website will send you an email with a ‘Confirmation Code’ to confirm we have your right email address.

It ought should come through almost instantly. Please check your ‘Spam’ folder if you haven’t seen it appear in your inbox after waiting for thirty minutes.

In addition, the website will proceed to the ‘Register: Step 2 of 2’ page (for further information, see step 3f below). Keep this page open while you check your email. I’ll wait here.

Note: If you accidentally close the website while checking your email or decide to finish registering at a later time, you may do one of two things to go back to the page where you enter the confirmation code: either click the “Back” button on your browser or use the “Back” button on your keyboard.

To begin, inside the email that contains your Confirmation Code, there is a link that, when clicked, will lead you to the correct website.

Another option is to return to the MyHealthOnline site and follow the steps outlined in stages 3 and 3a above. At this point, beneath the heading that reads ‘Yes, login:’ Enter the Practise ID that was printed on your letter, together with the newly generated Username and Password that you came up with in step 3c (remembering to include both capital and lower case characters in your password), and then click the Login button.



It is NOT necessary for you to REGISTER AGAIN!

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Please enter the confirmation code you were given.

At this last step, all you need to do is enter the confirmation code that was sent to your email into the appropriate box:

After you have input the confirmation code, proceed to click the ‘Activate’ button, and your My Health Online account will immediately become operational.

You are required to fill out certain security questions, the answers to which will be prompted to you in the event that you forget either your login or password.

As soon as that is finished, you will be able to schedule, modify, and cancel appointments online, as well as reorder repeat medicine using this website at any time of the day or night, every day of the year. We have high hopes that it will be useful to you in some way!

What happens if I need further assistance?

Ans:- In the event that your query has not been addressed, please call the surgery at the number 01495 301210.

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