– FedEx is an American courier service that conducts a survey report to have basic ideas and analyze the development and also upgrade the company levels from the past. – FedEx Office Customer Survey

The survey conducted by the company involves a variety of questions and also has overall questions related to the customer’s last experience at the store. FedEx is an American-based courier service that supports all kinds of services and believes in promoting customer satisfaction.

The company believes in honest reviews of the customers that may be positive or negative related to their experiences. The company has always been trying to adapt and develop according to the customer needs and desires and this wouldn’t have been possible with the conduction of the survey.

The company has tried to grow and review entirely the population it came up with. The company also invites customers to participate and earn a $7 off coupon as a prize.

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Survey Rules Fedex Survey

There are a few rules that have to be followed during the survey. The poll has a few things which are listed below –

  • The participants in the survey must be 18 years or more to participate and win exciting rewards.
  • The prize winners will get coupons. The winning amount can not be transferred or used as cash.
  • The associate or the immediate family members of the FedEx service are not eligible to participate in the competition

Requirements of FedEx survey

To participate and win exciting prizes and rewards you must be eligible to participate in the survey and for that, you must have a few of the essential things to be able to participate in the FedEx survey –

  • The participant who participated must have an email address to legally participate in the survey.
  • The individual participating in the survey must be a legal resident of any of the 50 US states.
  • The mandatory requirement to participate in the survey and to win exciting rewards is that you must have good internet access and a laptop/PC.
  • While participating in the survey the participant has two languages that they can prefer. The candidate participating in the survey must have prior knowledge of any of the ones between Spanish and English. Prizes and rewards

To be able to win and earn exciting rewards and bonuses from the survey you must participate and earn FedEx gift coupons –

  • If the participant participated in the survey and is a lucky winner then the participant gets a chance of getting $7 off at their next courier service at FedEx.

Win an exciting gift card of $7 from FedEx.

How to take the survey?

A few steps and guidelines are to be kept in mind during the survey. The steps are as follows –

  • Visit the official website of FedEx. Click on the given URL link\welistens
  • The second step involves selecting between any of the languages between Spanish and English. The candidate is allowed to choose their preferred language and continue with the survey.
  • The participant participating in the survey will know to have a list of questions about their recent experience at the store. The questions are related to whether the employee service was good or not. What kind of help did you need while visiting FedEx?
  • The fourth step is to enter the exchange number printed on the receipt. Accordingly, you will have to enter the number to continue with the further process.
  • Then there appears where you will have to enter the date of service and the season of procurement of the ticket.
  • The next phase of questions involves rating according to your fulfillment. There might be questions regarding service behavior, administration, staff satisfaction, etc.
  • The next question is what is your probability of visiting FedEx? Give honest reviews so that the company can enhance and grow.
  • The participants have all rights to participate and honestly review and answer all the questions related to the service.
  • The questions are varied and there are also questions such as what is the purpose behind the purchase. And will you visit FedEx again?
  • The last is where you have to select your gender and provide contact info.
  • Once done, click on the submit button below and save the page that appears on the screen.
  • The participants are requested to print the page so as to redeem offers at their next purchase.

About FedEx Survey

FedEx is an American courier service working for administrators. The services of FedEx include cargo sending, expedited delivery, and many more. The knot courier service of America is great with service and conducts survey reports for their customers.


The FedEx courier service of America conducts surveys to have basic ideas and knowledge about the service. The FedEx services are Great and to develop more the company conducts surveys and rewards with exciting prizes.

Website –\welistens

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